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Cancellation Policy

If Peers need to cancel or reschedule, please provide a 24 hour notice. If Peers miss a session without canceling, or cancel with less than 24 hour notice, Peers may be required to pay for the session (unless we both agree that Peers were unable to attend due to circumstances beyond Peers control). It is important to note that insurance companies DO NOT provide reimbursement for canceled sessions. If cancellation is a frequent concern (without an excuse more than 2 times) Peers may be charged a $50 cancellation fee.*The fee will be required before scheduling future appointments. If Peers are more than 30 minutes late for Peers appointment and have not called to notify us, we may not be available to see Peers. In the event Peers arrive late and are able to be seen, Peers appointment will still end at the scheduled time (if other appointments are scheduled) and Peers will be billed for the entire session. *Medicaid recipients are exceptions to this policy.

Contact Details

  • 6047 Tyvola Glen Circle suite 113, Charlotte, NC 28217, USA

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